Agenda – May 12, 2020


Notice is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the Burkburnett Development Corporation
Board to be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. at City Hall-Council Chambers, 501
Sheppard Road, Burkburnett, Texas to consider the following agenda items. The Board may
discuss and take action on any item on this agenda. The Board reserves the right to meet in a
closed session on any agenda item should the need arise and, if applicable pursuant to
authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551, of the Texas Government Code.
Due to Governor Abbott's executive order limiting social gatherings to 10 people, this meeting
will be closed to public attendance. To listen to the meeting, please follow the directions below:
Telephone Access Information
Dial-In: 1 (312) 757-3117
1 (866) 899 4679 (Toll-Free)
Access Code: 381-896-661
If, during the meeting, you have comments/questions, please email them to
The public may speak on items listed on the posted agenda. All persons desiring to address a
specific agenda item must email comments/questions to the City Clerk, Margie Poole at, before the reading of the agenda item.
ITEM 4. Approval of the minutes from March 10, 2020 Meeting.
ITEM 5. Approval of the March and April 2020 financials.
ITEM 6. Discuss a COVID-19 Business Plans (no action to be taken).

Pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government
Code, the Board of Directors may convene in Executive Session regarding the
following matters:
A. SECTION 551.072 – Discuss the purchase, exchange, lease, sale, or value of real
property, and public discussion of such would not be in the best interests of the
City's bargaining position.
B. SECTION 551.087- Discuss commercial or financial information received from
an existing business or business prospect with which the City is negotiating for
the location or retention of a facility, or for incentives the City is willing to
extend, or financial information submitted by same.


Reconvene to regular session and take action, if any, on matters discussed in
Executive Session.


Pursuant to Government Code Section 551.0415, Board Members may make a report about
items of Community interest during a meeting of the governing body without having given
notice of the report. Items of community interest include:
 Expressions of thanks, congratulations, or condolence;
 Information regarding holiday schedules;
 An honorary or salutary recognition of a public official, public employee, or other
citizen, except that a discussion regarding a change in the status of the person's public
office of public employment is not an honorary or salutary recognition for purposes of
this subdivision;
 A reminder about an upcoming event organized or sponsored by the governing body;
 Information regarding a social, ceremonial, or community event organized or
sponsored by an entity other than the governing body that was attended or is scheduled
to be attended by a member of the governing body or an official or employee of the
municipality; and
 Announcements involving an imminent threat to the public health and safety of people
in the municipality that has arisen after the posting of the agenda.


I, Margie Poole, City Clerk for the City of Burkburnett, Texas do hereby certify that I
posted this agenda on the glass front door of the City Hall, facing the outside at
_________________on May 8, 2020, in compliance with the Open Meetings Act
Chapter 551.
Margie Poole, City Clerk
Posted 5/8/20 @
This facility is wheelchair accessible, and accessible parking spaces are available. If any accommodations for a
disability are required, please notify the City Clerk's Office at 940.569.2263 at least 72 hours before the meeting
date. Concerning any item, the Board may take various actions, including but not limited to rescheduling an item
in its entirety or for particular action at a future date or time.
I certify that the attached notice of the Burkburnett Development Corporation Board Meeting was
removed by me from the glass front door of City Hall on the ____day ______________________ 2020 at
_________________________________________________Title: _______________________________________